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Integrating agricultural waste management & recycling of feed meals and fertilizers into a sustainable solution in the agri-food industry

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Our sustainable solution starts from treating agricultural waste collected and removes acidic elements in the waste before recycle back into the production of feed meals and fertilizers. Most importantly, our proprietary solution is fully automated and integrated which enhance efficiency and productivity of the whole process.

Lower down high disposal cost and improve efficiency of managing harmful waste to counter negative environmental impact in the long term.

Suitable for agriculture and farming industries that have massive harmful waste on daily basis. For feed meal producers, they can buy high protein ingredients from us that are free from acidic and inorganic elements.

We built our own IOT to support the Solution without disruption to current production workflows. Customers just need to deliver their waste to us and the rest will be handled by us. We also open for licensing of our solution to domestic and international partners in the region. 

Yes, we have variety of selection for our customers based on customers need and nutritional facts. All of our products recycle from waste and free from inorganic ingredients.